Looking for Adam?

This used to be the home page of Adam DuVander. That's me.

Now my most updated site is Simplicity Rules, where I write about keeping things simple on the web.

Where's the old site?

This used to be a web testbed for all sorts of silly stuff. You can still find all of that at Snarf! What are you waiting for?

DuVander Family

Are we related? Do we share a last name? I'd be happy to be in touch and provide a duvander.com email address for you. Contact me here.

Some DuVanders on the web: Adam, Petter

Windsor History

I'm the fifth generation DuVander to live in Windsor. We've been farmers since back when that's what everybody did in Windsor. There were only 500 people in town when my parents grew up. I saw it quintuple in size and become a town of 25,000... and I'm not that old!

If you're interested in Windsor history, I recommend Windsor: Images of America by Barbara Ray. It's a great look back at the old days, and "DuVander" takes up a goodly portion of the index.

Here's the town's official historic overview.